Ras Sinai Project

For over 20 years musicians from all over the world gather at The Ras - a magical desert village located on the red sea shore at the foot of the Sinai mountains.

These unique encounters gave birth to joyous musical happening that we dreamed to share with all.
 Over 50 artists from various nations integrated their talents to create our first album. Living the simple life in bamboo huts on the waters edge, inspired by the powerful nature and the unique multi cultured interaction - a new musical color was born.

Video Credits:

Writer & Director : Sigal Soliman
Director of Photography : Jon Robinson
Cameramen : Sigurd Bo Bojesen, Adi El Kady, Jon Robinson
Additional photography : Nadia Hyatt, Sigal Soliman, Khaled Nagy
Editor : Jon Robinson
Production Manager : Ron Narayan J Paz
Directors Assistant : Alain Phares Stylist : Nihal Sedky
Writing Consultant : Ahmed Amin
Colour Grading : Shachar Vais
Produced by Ras Sinai Music